ELIXENS AMERICA, INC. has been supplying bulk Essential Oils & Hydrosols throughout North America to the Flavor, Fragrance, Cosmetic, & Aromatherapy Industries since 1998.


EAI feels transparency is key and will always make sure a customer is aware of exactly the quality being sampled/ purchased.

EAI will never pass off a Commercial Grade Oil in place of a 100% Pure Essential Oil just to gain a sale.

EAI believes in educating our customers instead of taking advantage of them.  Our ethical standards are the first difference you’ll notice when purchasing from us.

EAI provides sufficient Technical Documents to help trace an Essential Oil back to its source  as we provide COA, SDS, Origin Statements, Natural Certificates in addition to countless other documentation.

EAI imports directly from growers and farmers at source throughout the world and most likely from the same exact source your current vendor is using.

EAI locally stocks millions worth of inventory throughout various NJ facilities.

EAI has a catalog of over 100 different items depending on availability and crop season.

EAI is strategically located in Rahway, NJ; just 15 minutes from the major NY/ NJ ports.

EAI offers prompt service as most orders and samples are shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

EAI can deliver ingredients in 180 kg drums or through various repack sizes ranging from 100 kg all the way down to 1 kg.